Broadway and The Art of Aging

Oscar winning actor, Estelle Parsons, is currently preparing for her role in a play to be opening soon on Broadway- “the Velocity of Autumn”. I saw her perform in the leading role of a Tony award winning play, August Osage County, a few years ago on Broadway and she was fabulous. The play required her to have enormous stamina for running up and down a staircase and she rose to the occasion!

Getting back to her current role in the “Velocity of Autumn” which is a coming of age role about getting older. It’s rare to see something with this theme on Broadway and it promises to be a big hit.

The play deals directly with what it is really like to grow old and how one is faced with potential loss of freedom. The freedom that we take for granted with good health and the family who fearfully want to protect the older members by taking away their freedom. The actor in this play desperately wants to remain in her home and stay as independent as she has been in the past.

All our fears of aging are expressed in this play and both the actor and writer of this play feel that this is the right time to be addressing these issues through art. They rightfully assert that so many people are living longer than they expected and want to think about how they will spend this part of their life. They are hoping that the play will open up discussions among people of all ages. After all, “Driving Miss Daisy” was a play that enticed younger people, because they thought of their grandparents!

So, go see this play if you can and think about how the actor is growing older with gusto!


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