Baby Boomers Willing and Able to Work Longer!

The Chicago Tribune had an eye opening article about the problems facing those 50+ in getting and staying in the job market as they move into the older demographics.


They claim that the unemployed American aged 55-64 takes a year longer, normally to find another job.  The reason that companies have historically been reluctant to add older employees to their staff is the preconceived thought that the worker won’t last long or will get sick.

Anyone who is up on the trends of this generation knows that the baby boomer generation is living healthier lives longer and has expressed a willingness and desire to extend their working lives.  The new medical technologies are treating and preventing disease which allows for this generation to live longer and more actively  Also, boomers realize that if they are going to be living longer they may need to boost their retirement savings to accommodate a potentially longer life, help send kids to college and assist with the care of older parents.


Some companies that are forerunners in hiring more baby boomers include the NIH and Scripps Health according to AARP.  Interestingly, Scripps Health, based in San Diego, is seeking to employ older workers even though their past experience may not be in the healthcare industry.  A senior representative claims, “Although we train lots of recent grads, we prefer to have more seasoned people because they stay!”


The AARP Foundation is working on a program to come to the aid of the long tern unemployed which is called, “Platform to Employment”.

This is just another example of ways in which people are growing older with gusto!


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