Surprises Await if You Take These Tips from 90+ People!!

CBS and 60 Minutes recently reported some surprising factoids on ways we can. Live longer after investigating groups of people aged 90+!  I’d like to share these nuggets with you and see if you are as surprised as I was when hearing about it.  The people who are currently healthy post 90 years of age have the following in common:


1.  They don’t worry or obsess about their health

2.  They eat dessert!

3.  Vitamins seem to make little or no difference in their health

4.  Moderate drinking is correlated with a longer life.  10-15% have a reduced risk of death compared to non drinkers.

5.  It’s not good to be skinny when you are old.  People who gain some weight each decade live longer.  Gaining 5 pounds from age 60 on seems to guarantee longevity!

6.  Exercise is very important.  These people are moving around 45 minutes a day.

7.  Connecting to people consistently also helps people live longer.

8.  40% of people diagnosed with dementia don’t have Alzheimer’s .


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