Growing Old With Gusto Weekly Roundup!

Patriots Lean Into Seniors

The Patriots have started an exercise program geared to a new audience- Seniors!  The CBS Morning Show aired a segment today showing their popular player, Ronk meeting some 60+ people to present a program that emphasizes being fit for life!  # 87 was a huge hit and noted, “It’s all about giving back”.


what If You Could Age Backward A year?????

An author, Lauren Kessler, did just that and lived to write about it!  Her year long journey of trying to turn back the hands of time resulted in her writing a book entitled, “Counter-clockwise: My year of Hypnosis, Dark Chocolate and Other Adventures in the World of Anti-aging”

Her year long escape involved enduring bikram(hot) yoga sessions, attending clinics on anti-aging, consulting with happiness coaches, self-compassion trainers, climbing, boxing, and eating unknown vegetables until she hit the wall!

This wall refers to the wall of recognition that lifestyle can be more influential than genetics.  She refers to this as “secondary aging” and one for which she feels we have control. Primary aging refers to cellular disintegration.

Lifestyle refers to how you live each day; sleep, diet and exercise, where you live, what you do for work, and your attitude towards yourself and others.  She learned from a psychologist about a concept called the ” biology of belief or hope”.  This refers to how your body responds to your brain thinking in a young way. The claim is that if you think young, manual dexterity, memory and vision can improve!  I know I have met people in my life you are young at 80 or old at 50!

The major takeaways that Ms. Kessler learned from her year of living backward, was that it’s not about the number associated with your life- it’s having the physical, intellectual, and creative abilities associated with your younger self.  She came away feeling renewed and holding a new vitality for moving ahead as a mid-life woman with a passion for living!  She is a fabulous example of someone growing old with gusto!


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