The CBS Early Morning show had a segment this morning that gives convincing evidence that the maturing baby boomers time has arrived!  The advertising world is adapting it’s mindset and embracing  more life experienced models in the categories of fashion, beauty and sports.

The fashion designer Celine has chosen Joan Didion as their fashion icon and describes her as a “chic 80 year old”.  Joni Mitchill(71)  and Twiggy, Jane Fonda and Diane Keaton have all been pegged as Loreal worthy models who are aging well.

This is relatively new phenomenon of showcasing slightly more seasoned women is an extreme pivot from the “hot and trashy looks” of recent days to the cool woman of character who have reached a certain age.  The advertisers refer to this new theme as “Better Than Ever”. And  I love it!

These mature models are being used to send out a definite message to consumers:

Life is a long road that grows richer as it grows longer. It doesn’t begin and end in your twenties.

The CBS segment points out there is 8 trillion dollars per year being spent by the over 60 population.  This new awareness(better late than never!) was pronounced by some of the Super Bowl Commercials last Sunday. The one that stays in my mind is the Fiat commercial for Viagra!  It definitely caught consumers attention.

I applaud the advertising community for recognizing that life experience does indeed make women more interesting and desirable!

What do you think of this new advertising movement?







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