Consciousness and Why It Matters As We Grow Older

Today is the second day of the Aging Summit and I first learned about how to position oneself after the age of 60! Our speaker points out that during what she refers to as the 3rd phase of life people become lead self occupied, have more of a curiosity about past generations and show an increased desire for meditation coupled with a lessening of the fear surrounding our demise.

First let me explain what is meant by consciousness as we grow older. This state of being refers to more than what automatically occurs in our brain. It revolves around but feelings, intuition and our personal filters on now we view the world. Our speaker defines it as, “Anything that happens in our interior world. What happens on our bodies and having a full awareness by having an observant mind.”

The emphasis is on having a “Open Heart.” Our heart can become more open by looking at things emotionally, physically and psychologically and finding both the challenges and opportunities for growth.

The lecture in a nutshell is summarized by the following quote by the poet David White: “Learn to place our identity at the edge of discovery – we can have a vital life”


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