thI have to talk about another lecture I heard last week at The Aging Summit. We were asked to think about our reason for getting up in the morning. This will help us structure a personal conversation with ourselves on what is called our purpose or our intention in life. What do we want our life to really mean?

Richard Leider talks about how we should be ,ore reflective as we age and be certain to be true to who we are and what we want to leave behind. Purpose, he explains does not become about by some mystic revelation, but through our actions.

He offers up what he calls ” The Napkin Trick”. He has us take out a napkin and write down: G+P=C. What our are gifts? What are our passions? What are your values? Put these answers all together and you come up with your purpose.

The “happiest man in the world”, Matthew Picard, is a Buddhist Monk. He claims the purpose of life is compassion and claims the two most important days of your life is birth and the day you determine why you were born! He claims the value in the formula should fit the culture in which you are living.

So, go do the napkin test, determine your purpose and grow older with gusto!


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