The Wisdom From Those In The Know

Do you ever wonder if there is a secret to growing older in a way that is positive, enriching and enviable?  The lessons from Centenanarians were the topic of a lecture at the recent Aging Summit I attended.

Epigenetics which basically  is the study of what turns gene expressions off and on can be influenced by ones beliefs!  We were told that if one has “meaningful joy” in their lives then the gene expression which is anti-inflammatory will occur!

The interviewer posed the question of why is it so difficult to change our beliefs and how can we create more meaningful beliefs?  The answer stems from what they have learned from those successfully traversing the landscape of being a centenarian.   These people tend to break away and create new neuro maps in their brains.   Another important finding is how they view their role in society   They are always living in the present and looking to the future.  An example was given of a man aged 102 who proudly showed off his flower garden and commented, ” Wait until you see it in five years”   My father was another person who never dwelled on his passing and enjoyed every day “he could open his eyes”.

These people are reported as having peaceful ending because they lead peaceful lives.


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