What Is The Third Phase Of Life?

The aging summit brought up the subject of consciousness. I was wondering what was this third phase of life they mention? It’s anybody who is over the age of 60! My next question is how is this phase different from other phases of life?

The speaker gave several ways people are different in this third phase of life:

1. People become less self occupied.

2. People have an increased curiosity about past generations.

3. People have an increased need for meditation.

4. People’s fear of dying leaves them.

How do people navigate differently once they reach 60?

Those who age successfully have been found to be more conscious of not mechanical things that happen, but are more tuned into their interior lives. Apparently, gut feelings and intuition feed into our unique filters and impacts how we see the world.

The art of being fully aware – emotionally, physically and psychologically, gives people the freedom to look for and at the “opportunities and challenges of aging- no matter what happens to them”.

Some of the pointers we were given to travel through this third phase of life with gusto, include staying in love as long as possible with someone or something and trying to overcome our fears about aging. He advises to take a look at the things that scare us and detach from them. How do we detach? We look back and see how we have used our strengths to get us through life so far, what qualities are important to us and applying them to ourselves.

Poet, David White summarizes this lecture by saying,

“Learn to place our identity at the edge of discovery – we can have a vital life.”


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