Vitamin D -Does It Live Up To It’s Hype?

A recent Finland research study among white women,aged 70 -80 living at home to determine whether taking D supplements, exercise or both could reduce their risk of falling. There were 409 women in the study.

According to JAMA Internal Medicine the study found that taking Vitamin D did not help woman from falling! Additionally, they discovered that doing exercise cut the incidence of serious falls, but not the overall risk of falling.  The research was divided into three groups; those who got a placebo without exercise, placebo and exercise, or Vitamin D and exercise.  Those who exercised did strength training, balance, weight training and improvement for agility.

The results showed that Vitamin D did help maintain bone density in the femoral neck ones and shinbones. Also, the group that worked out had improved physical fitness.

Some some physicans feel that due to the many factors that play into an injurious fall in this age group, exercise may be the most effective way of prevention


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