Pleasure – The Upside of Not Becoming Invisible

A major difference in how we react to change is apparent in those of who have reached a certain age. We can all remember comparing ourselves to our peers when we are in our 20’s and trying to figure out our lives. However, when we start to age and circumstances become problematic we tend not to compare ourselves.  This is due to reaching a point where we realow ourselves and what we represent.  Upon 

Older people tend to Not get mired in self consciousness and end of being much happier.  The process of losing a loved one sets in motion a framework for stirring up what is important and results in a shift in what one perceives. For example, we begin to view our parents differently and see them as human beings, not just parents.  This learning anchors us and allows those with anger to let go of it. This process enables us to have a personal renewal.   One author tells us of a friend who was diagnosed with macular degeneration and became bitter.   She couldn’t read and refused to listen to books on tape. One day she had an epiphany. Upon awakening light streamed in across her bed and she realized she could see light and color.  Her spirit and love of life returned and she decided to host a party where she gave away her books.  A few of her guests offered to read to her and she accepted  this and it reached the lonliest part of her heart.   Additionally, the reader felt this was a highlight of her week.  So, knowing that we can still have joy whatever happens as we age allows us to grow older with gusto!

life returned


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