Where Will We Live In The Future?

I don’t necessarily mean location.    We all daydream about where we may want to retire.   Once we decide on a destination- where do we envision ourselves living?  A condo, townhouse, independent living village?

Recently, I listened to a lecture called, “Shift Happens: From Aging In Place To Aging in Community”. Several innovative housing models were presented and I’d like to share them with you.

There re are new types of village concepts that encourage intergenerational living.  These are called communities without walls.   Community support networks have people creating innovative models of housing. For example, one community may offer people a way of creating their own neighborhood.  You may own your home, but build a common area where people can share meals, classes and pass the time. There are “pocket neighborhoods” where homes open out to a courtYard.  There is “shared housing” where expenses and other benefits are shared and people have fun.  It takes them back to their days of dorm life.

The concept of a “shared economy” may become the “new economic engine of the 21st century.”  I laugh when I tell the story of my dad near the end of his extremely long life decided to share the cost of buying a packet of razor blades with a buddy.  The fastest growing households today are singles and this puts a strain on the environment, creates alienation, high divorce rate and suicide rate.  People naturally have a need to belong and be needed.

The concept of “Care Banking” uses the aging in community model. The Time Banks Institute Project has Care Banks using Time Dollars to provide elder care services. For more information on this concept go to http://www.agingbettertogether.com

One last thought on how to grow older with gusto and great health. Studies show that people who live with consciousness of being – paying more attention to their lives live longer.  The more feminine you are, regardless of gender the longer you live!


Our Big Life Shift!

” The Big Shift” a book by Mark Friedman speaks to those of us looking into the future and wanting more of what we have and maybe more on our terms.  We don’t want to give up working entirely, but want flexibility and passion to coincide. The book refers to our ” Encore” phase of life and claims the challenge for us now is to identify the sweet spot.

Friedman define this spot as the intersection between different points in time. He likens this to an “Indian Summit” and claims humans don’t realize their capacity until the shadow reached Eastward!  This point in time ignites a sense of urgency within us and we reflect on making the best use of our time left to live.  Losing friends and family makes this feeling even more pronounced and results in a “focusing impact”.  

Do you think you have reached your Indian Summit yet?  Let me know.