Society’s View of Aging : What is Yours?

8,000 baby boomers are turning 65 every day in America!  This phenomenon is often referred to as “The demographic earthquake”. We should be optimistic that this fact will make the aging process a more positive one and this generation will not be viewed as a burden.

How can we make sure this becomes a reality?  Aging specialists claim its important for us to look at the “whole picture”.  A few relevant quotes I have to share with you:

“It’s in the shadows that we see the season for growth.” “Aging is the school of nobody ness.”

My favorite quote is by Emily Dickenson:  “I’m nobody. Who are you?  Are you, nobody, too.?”

So, we must ask ourselves how can we grow older and not become invisible.   I always feel that popular magazines emphasize superficial attributes of youth and is a major reason, older people feel replaced.  This is changing, with older actors being given major roles.

The ability to age consciously by figuring out what we will leave behind and how our actions impact younger people can help move society in a way that recognizes older people as an important segment of the population and not a disposable one.


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