Friend Connection? Pruning the Network May Work Better As We Grow Older


All the latest research seems to indicate that having consistent social connections as we age is an important ingredient in maintaining our brain elasticity as well as our positive attitude.  The articles I have read never delve deep into what type of connections work best!  Recently, I read that our friendship chain needs to be pruned periodically, much like annual Spring cleaning of our homes and closets. It was suggested that we may want to take a look at friendships that are mired in past experiences not our current ones.


Think about all the different friends you have made as you move through life.  I always like an analogy I created to describe my friendship network.  Way back in grade school I made and met my first friend whom I still cherish today.  So we stated out like a small snowball and as we experienced more of life together our friendship grew – much like snow adding more weight to that snowball.  However, when the sun comes out – the snowball melts and eventually so does our snowball. Some of our friends go the way of the melted snowball while others keep growing and become a proverbial snowman – waiting to protect us!  We grow up, move residences, change jobs and careers which usually results in some of our friends becoming what I call situational friends.  Once they. I longer whirl in your life sphere they lose their importance.


Making new friends gives us that feeling of excitement of getting to know someone who knows nothing about us or our past.  We may be different people today and it’s nice to live in the present.   Perhaps, we should think about our  older friends and assess whether we just have the past in common or whether we continue to share experiences.   Is could be the determinant of whether to continue he friendship as hard hearted as it sounds


There are always those friends whom we don’t talk to for years, but when they call or write its easy to pick up where we left off.   Also, an old friend who shows up in our lives at crucial moments is what my mom used to call ” her most important jewels.”  So – what are you thoughts about keeping old friends?  Do you think it may be more beneficial to make the break with some old friends or is it more important to keep these old friends just where they are today?


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