Talkers – Read This For Yourself And Your Family


Every where I turn I read about and learn about the importance of social interaction, particularly as we grow older.  All around me- in elevators and at restaurants to name a couple of places- you see IPhones constantly out with people texting.  They are keeping in touch in the modern way.

It’s too bad that seniors and some baby boomers don’t have the wherewithal or dexterity to keep up with them   Loneliness is apparent throughout the senior segment and a recent article made me really think about ways we could bring the new social networking to this generation.

How wonderful would it be to let someone recuperating from an illness or stymied by the aches and pains of aging have the opportunity to talk through social media outlets?


The article drew me in when they mentioned creating an App which would incluimagede colored rectangular boxes labeled with a topic. Every day a person would have a choice of featured conversations and be able to select those of interest. Sort of like a Chinese menu. The chat could be local, global or private. There would be a lo it of 10 to each conversation.  Speaking into the computer is supposedly easy and the volume can be set to accommodate ones needs. People can connect by watching the list and making a match between voices and names. People can suggest a topic and there will always be someone standing by to assist.


The length of conversations is fluid   Someone may just want a quick chat of a few minutes, and start a new one   There are no requirements to stay in a chat   Some may want to setup a pre-arranged chat at a specific time with the same group of people.  Mr. Gelernter, author of the article I read thinks the benefits of TALKNET for seniors will be boundless.  He mentions he said the same thing about the rise of the web and Twitter type streaming.   I think it’s a great idea, easy to implement and use.  Think of all the great conversations and friendships that can develop.  Let’s get this generation talking-  it’s the best thing for them and for society.


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