Secrets To Feeling Youthful

Fountain  Bubbling Over!

Lets be happy and have some fun when thinking about what lies ahead!  Bill Gifford, a journalist provides us with an entertaining ride with his recent book, “Spring Chicken: Stay Young Forever or Die Trying”. His books rips through topics as diverse as the latest scientific research to tricksters from the past and present.  He includes in his book in depth reviews of people who have some outstanding ways of looking at life. For example, he delves into the mindset of a gerontologist named Aubrey de Grey, who insists we all have the capacity to live to 120 or beyond. Other intriguing people include a man who at age 109 was still a money manager.  His book also encompasses his personal involvement in the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging, considers  tthe  IH aking human growth hormone and more on his own poor cholesterol!   A great book to read for the summer or for all seasons!

Happy Anniversary!

The Wall Street Journal recently raved about a fountainhead of reliable health information being published by the NIH News In Health.  They claim it is a terrific mix of practical advice e.g knee replacement anyone? To entertaining; ” Galled by the Gallbladder?  Other topics of interest include video games to improve your brain function as you age.  All articles are vetted by NIH experts. This is a resource the Journal claims is valuable, reliable and entertaining.

Dinner Topics

i recently lunched with a good friend who was lamenting the fact that so much dinner conversation with friends revolves around personal health problems.  Part of being a friend is showing compassion, but does anybody out there have any suggestions on how to veer conversations  to more palatable topics?  All jokes aside, I heard of a group who made whomever pulled their phone out first, pay for the groups dinner!  Food for thought!  Please share any ideas with this blog!


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