Techniques For Aging With Conscious!

What Is This Thing Called Conscious Aging?

Last week I attended a two day workshop in Oakbrook, Illinois called Conscious Aging; Cultivate Wisdom, Connect With Others, and Celebrate Life.  Fifty people from all over the country attended the sessions. The purpose of the program was to present a method of facilitating workshops on conscious aging to us.  A self study program accompanies the two day workshop and a final certification test is required at the end of the self study program.  Additional teleconferences are also made available. Conscious Aging references our personal beliefs, perceptions and attitudes towards aging.

An important takeaway is that our conscious thoughts about aging involve more than just our thought processes. It’s not just what happens mechanically, but our intuition, gut feelings and unique filters to what goes on around us playing into our consciousness. It’s clear the origins of consciousness have not been totally clear, but still are a great unsolved riddle.

A nutshell definition of conscious aging is the exploration of our emotional and spiritual reactions to the process of aging which lead to the opening of our hearts to opportunities that occur with aging and the ability to meet head on with any obstacles that come our way.

The Workshop

The presenters got us involved in different group activities that simulated what an actual workshop would entail. A few examples of these are the circle activity, Mandalas Art Projects, Role Playing and Free Writing. Ideas for marketing complemented the Workshop.

Opportunities For Improving Life As We Age

The Workshop highlighted ways our life can improve as we age. For example,

– Free from demands of workplace

– Thinking about our legscy

– Role model for cnildren

– Soften old wounds

image– Collect our strengths and wisdom

– Shield what has meaning in our life

– Review our lives through a process


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