Yes- We Can Grow Older & Wiser..Read And Learn The Ways!

Growing Older With Gusto


No – you don’t have to travel to China to learn how we can grow older and wiser!  However, since the Chinese revere the elders I thought it appropriate to insert a picture taken earlier this year during my trip to China.  Now – got your attention?


The truth is we are familiar with people who do stupid things at age 60 that they probably were doing at age 20 while others slow down and show signs of dementia   However, I do recognize there are older people who wrote cursively, may have used fountain pens and are currently attached to their IPad!

Uplifting Research

Studies have been conducted and reported in a journal of Psychological Science that tested the preconception that intelligence much like agility slows down as we age.  Their lead author, Joshua Hartshorne explains that we do slow down physically as we…

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