A Great Example of Improving With Age – Not Wine

CBS Interview

I couldn’t believe my eyes!  The morning show with Charlie Rose interviewed a 77 year old woman who had an amazing story. First, the interview showed her at the gym working out while they interviewed her.  She told of how she started taking insulin and high blood pressure medication at age 50. She endured two hip and knee replacements.


I always heard that 7’s were lucky numbers if your a gambler. Well, this woman definitely took a gamble.  At age 77 she decided to start working out. She transformed her entire life through her efforts. Not just a workout, but cross fit!   Ten months later she was down to a few pills a day and had lost 50 pounds!  The cross fit regiment changed her physically, mentally and spiritually.  Another benefit of working out was cresting w community that she could really count on emotionally.  The loss of her husband found her distraught, but the support of her Cross Fit community saw her through a rough period and became her family.

A great example of how movement can help older adults.


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