Best Fall Story!

My Introduction

I would like to introduce Dr. Fred Levit to you. Dr. Levit was my first dermatologist when I moved to Chicago a long time ago. One March day, I had a skin irritation near my eye and I called for an appointment.  Dr. Levit, being quite an active man, was away spring skiing. I was given a list of three other dermatologists in the area and I picked out one named Dr. Charles Zugerman.  Somehow, we connected, perhaps due to a closer age difference?  I really liked Dr. Levit, but never returned and stayed on as a patient of Dr.Zugerman.  I have to add that fifteen years later through happenstance, I became engaged,and later married to Dr. C. Zugerman.   Today, we are long, happily married, I have two s- children and we have two wonderful granddaughters.

                        Dr. Levit’s Vignette 26  (copyright Dr. Fred Levit)

                                                 “I Take A Fall”

Dr. Levit and his wife Lolli retired and moved to the Bay Area a few years ago.  We keep in touch through phone calls and receiving his Vignettes.   Vignette 26 was so hysterical I have to share it with you. Please read it below and feel free to make comments.

I discovered recently that I am now an old man. I am now eleven months past my 89th birthday, which puts me just one month from my 90th. I have been aware for some time that I am weak and unsteady on my feet, but it was brought home to me with a thump  when I fell last week.  I was going to walk home from the corner of Seminary Drive and as I started down the street I suddenly had to urgently urinate.  I was only two blocs from our apartment building and there was nowhere near enough for me to find a toilet.  I noticed that there were bushes within a few steps of the sidewalk, so I stepped over to them and unzipped my pants, with my back to the street, and emptied my bladder.

As I tried to turn back I discovered that the bushes concealed a steep slope, and I missed my footing and began to fall down the slope.  I slid down partway, then fell on my back and came to rest with my head down the hill and my legs pointing up the hill.  I reached out to grab the bushes but found them to be covered with sharp spines and thorns.  I could barely move my legs because the bushes were pressing on their sides.  I soon realized that I was stuck and could not get myself out. The street was not a busy one and had few people walking on it. So I shouted “Help” several times, and kept it up for about fifteen minutes when a young man came by and said he would call the fire department.  I asked him to just reach down and pull me up, but he said “Let the professionals do it.”  But he offered to let me use his phone.  I accepted and he dialed Lolli’s number for me and  I told her what had happened and asked her to come up to where I was.  I was still upside down when the fireman arrived  Lolli showed up just then.

One of the firemen, a sturdy fellow less than half my age, walked down the slope and put his arms under mine.   He lifted me up and walked up the slope carrying me.  I was physically unhurt and got into the car that  Lolli brought and was driven home.  

My main felling when I got home was anger. I was furious at myself for having been unable to get myself up after I fell.  I was embarrassed that the fire department had to be called.  Lolli said that she was grateful to the fire department for having helped me.  In fact, she baked a cake which she took up to the firehouse the next day and thanked them. They asked how I was and she said that I was fine.

i have gone over and over that episode since.  And my feeling remains anger at myself.   But there was no help for it.  I was trapped and could not move.  I am grateful that there was someone available to pull me up.  My anger will probably dissipate in time.  At least I hope so.

Happy 90th to a still active man both physically and mentally.   Keep on keeping on Fred.   Keep on sharing your stories with us!


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