100 Heartbeats A Minute!!!

CBS  This Morning Reports

I was watching with great interest early today a segment on the CBS This Morning Show, which my husband & I watch with some regularity.  The one segment that captured my attention away from scanning the WSJ was one on future trends in health and wellness for 2016.

Foods & Drinks

The first one mentioned that was new…newer than kale(!) is Kelp.  Kelp is basically seaweed which is a favorite food of mine when dining at Japanese restaurants. Apparently, I never visually connect it with days spent in Florida and beach areas where seaweed on the beach is annoying, and doesn’t add much to the aesthetics of the experience of walking on the beach or swimming in the ocean. The kelp/seaweed that is being served as great visual appeal, winning nutritional value, and tastes good, too!!!  So, eat your kelp in 2016!!

The drink they mentioned that REALLY GOT ME GOING, is matcha  tea.  I realize that it contains  health benefits, but I feel that I must share a story with my followers, particularly those women(& maybe men) who are over 60.  A few months ago when we were transitioning into Fall,  I decided I wanted to change my morning coffee habit for something new.   I saw a special promotion online for matcha green tea.  I ordered a bag and proceeded the next day to take the prescribed 1 teaspoon of matcha green tea and mix it with almond milk.  WOW!  It was delicious.  The next morning I made another cup of this new concoction.  AMAZINGLY DELICIOUS.  Now, by Wednesday, I decided I missed my morning cup of Joe, so I added a cup  to the mix.  Friday night arrived and I couldn’t sleep and  was feeling somewhat shaky.  My husband, who is a physician, took my blood pressure(fine) and checked my pulse rate. It was quite high at midnight.  Three hours later, I felt a fluttering in my heart.  Again, my wonderful husband checked my pulse rate and it was still way too high.  I had developed Tachycardia!!!!  The definition of “Tachycardia” is: abnormally rapid heartbeat over 100 beats per minute.  SO, BUYER BEWARE.

Other Interesting Trends For 2016

Adaptogens are mentioned on the Show as helping with stress and fatigue.  Those sound helpful and ones to take a look at after the Holidays!  Weight Watchers is mentioned as a program and company that is changing its outlook by focusing more on overall wellness and not only relying on their long established point system.

Millennial consumers are turning to group meditation as ways of connecting and finding total well being. My mom always told me she learned from all types and ages of people.  What a great idea!!  Meditating in groups, in my  opinion. will help to get people who are growing older with gusto to be more consistent in their meditation practice!

So, Happy Holidays to my followers, family & friends!  Wishing everyone a healthy, fun-filled and peaceful 2016!


For Women In Their 60’s and Beyond

My Personal Gift To Readers

A few health tidbits from a More Magazine Newsletter that I want to pass on to my blog follower who are in their 60’s and beyond. The following is a nutshell synopsis of findings in my reading that can be further explored if you are interested.  I hope you find them as helpful and encouraging as we move through the holidays and into a New Year!

Ways Of Reducing Chronic Disease

Set yourself up for “awesome activities”.  Turn on a new type of music, view unusual art, go to an offbeat theater show or travel to somewhere totally new.  Do something that makes your jaw drop in wonder.  For me, it was watching my great niece perform in a theater show and sing at age 9!  Research shows there’s a connection to reduced inflammation and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression.

Prevent Those Aches & Pains

Take a 2,000 Vitamin D supplement.  I’ve been taking a D supplement for awhile since I live almost year round in Chicago.  The lack of Vitamin D has been correlated by some studies to diabetes and a cognitive decline.

Less Trips To The Bathroom

***The article claims we should not be drinking more than 8 ounces of water in a sitting.  Apparently, in your 60’s women begin to have what they refer to as “urge incontinence”. Now I know why my internist kept probing me with questions on this topic during my recent annual checkup!  The advice is that you should only be urinating 4-6 times daily.  Tip:  If your urine is lighter than the color of a yellow Post-It note — you are drinking far too much water.  I learned that I had too little sodium in my body due to overdrinking water!image

Happy Holidays to all my friends and followers in their 60’s and beyond!! Also, to those who haven’t reached their 60’s yet!



What Type Of Exercise Is Most Important???

Today, I am writing more from my heart than from any substantial research or articles that highlight the way to grow older by keeping to an exercise routine.  Yesterday I got a call from my husband who told me a close friend of ours(aged 83) had fallen while out shopping with her granddaughter.  I became quite anxious about this news since almost a year ago another friend(aged 78) passed away after a fall and what her Rabbi accurately described as “her surreal ending to life.”  Luckily, this friend who fell yesterday on her knees, escaped without breaking any bones and with a fractured kneecap which is being immobilized with no cast necessary!  This is a woman whom I met when I was 25 years ago(about 20 years ago:-) and who always worked out and kept in good shape despite life’s up’s and down’s.  She currently does private yoga sessions which gave her the core strength to break the fall and be able to leave the ER and go home to her condo!

The Other Friend

My other friend, while well intentioned, tried for all the years I knew her, to lose weight(unsuccessfully) and did work out — she did  gyrotonic’s and walked around a track intermittently.  Her fall last October came with a thud and she ended up breaking her hip.  Her hip was reset, but she was never the same. She entered a rehab center where she languished for six weeks before going home. An infection set in, and her life spiraled out of control.  She did not have the CORE STRENGTH that I think is so incredibly important OR the BALANCE to be resilient to her fall.

The Lesson

I really believe that if you find an exercise program that you like, you will be consistent. This we all read about and it’s been well documented by health authorities. However, as I get older it becomes more and more apparent that maintaining your sense of balance and core strength are SO very important.  I am so happy that my long time friend is now home recuperating.