For Women In Their 60’s and Beyond

My Personal Gift To Readers

A few health tidbits from a More Magazine Newsletter that I want to pass on to my blog follower who are in their 60’s and beyond. The following is a nutshell synopsis of findings in my reading that can be further explored if you are interested.  I hope you find them as helpful and encouraging as we move through the holidays and into a New Year!

Ways Of Reducing Chronic Disease

Set yourself up for “awesome activities”.  Turn on a new type of music, view unusual art, go to an offbeat theater show or travel to somewhere totally new.  Do something that makes your jaw drop in wonder.  For me, it was watching my great niece perform in a theater show and sing at age 9!  Research shows there’s a connection to reduced inflammation and can help prevent heart disease, diabetes, cancer, Alzheimer’s and depression.

Prevent Those Aches & Pains

Take a 2,000 Vitamin D supplement.  I’ve been taking a D supplement for awhile since I live almost year round in Chicago.  The lack of Vitamin D has been correlated by some studies to diabetes and a cognitive decline.

Less Trips To The Bathroom

***The article claims we should not be drinking more than 8 ounces of water in a sitting.  Apparently, in your 60’s women begin to have what they refer to as “urge incontinence”. Now I know why my internist kept probing me with questions on this topic during my recent annual checkup!  The advice is that you should only be urinating 4-6 times daily.  Tip:  If your urine is lighter than the color of a yellow Post-It note — you are drinking far too much water.  I learned that I had too little sodium in my body due to overdrinking water!image

Happy Holidays to all my friends and followers in their 60’s and beyond!! Also, to those who haven’t reached their 60’s yet!



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