90 Year Old Man Keeps Global Connections and Widens His World


2016-01-27 16.47.25.jpg                        Washington Post Writrs  Up Interesting Story

Linda Davidson writes up the story of an 90 year old man with techno dexterity!  It was reprinted in today’s digital Chicago Tribune,  and I found it a fascinating article.

This 90 year old man has a grandson who introduced him to a website that he has now incorporated into his daily routine . He has connected himself to a website that caters to 20 somethings ( previously  unknown to me but sounded familiar).  It is called Reddit.com and serves to link generations!

Now, this 90 year old looks forward to answering questions posed to him daily from a generation that is curious about life in the olden days!

Some of the questions he is asked are reportedly quite personal, but he does not seem to mind, and enjoys the rapport he has created with the younger generation. However, to maintain his connections he does use an older method of communication; an dictating and transcription machine! I read an article recently that emphasized how important it is as we age to not only have social connections, but also establish friendship and/or connections with younger people.  I think I’ll check out this website, too!




7 Ways To Live Longer By Learning

What Are The Ways We Can Learn As We Grow Older

My mom always told me that she learned from everyone as she grew older and that included learning from her children!  She was always progressive in her thinking and open to new ways of thinking as she navigated through her life.  My dad was always interested in learning as he grew older too — enrolling in his first computer class at age 86!

I’m a Board Member of Skyline Village Chicago, a virtual community in downtown Chicago, that was created to allow members’ to connect with each other socially, educationally and culturally.  Life long learning is a concept that I hear from older people from all over the country.  Let’s explore some of these options.

7 Options For Lifelong Learning

The Kiplinger Letter expounds upon the various ways to grow older with gusto by opening the doors of our imagination.  The first option is enrolling in a course at a local university or online.  Most universities have what they call “Life Long Learning” Programs geared for those over 50 years old.

The second option for those in the age range of 60-65 is the ability to enroll in a college course without paying tuition if there is space in the class!  Check out the website for the university to get specific facts about their opportunities.

Older people may qualify for financial aid – who knew(not me!) that there are no age barriers on Federal loan programs.  A common sense strategy Kiplinger mentions is stretching out the payments as long as possible.

Tax breaks may be available for Lifetime Learning Credit for up to $2,000 yearly. This could cover books, tuition and supplies — only if your adjusted gross income is less than $65,000 for a single person or $130,000 for a couple.

Olli represents Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.  This is a program that you sign up for in Chicago which has a small membership fee and provides you access to a smattering of courses ranging from art history to how to use your smartphone!  There are programs like this elsewhere in the country so take a peek on your computer or smart phone.

Make the computer and its access to the online community your friendly guide.  Browse through videos, listen to pod casts, UTube and try out Lynda.com.  Your library card may provide you access to that resource.

Travel if you can.  It’s the best way to learn and it’s a fun way to become educated about the world. Uiversities, Museums and Not For Profit groups offer interesting travel itineraries.  My parents’ always took us on the road and it was the only excuse, except for illness to skip a day or so of school!  Happy trails to all and a safe, happy, & healthy New Year!




New Year – New Gadgets

For Fitness and Safety Monitor for Coming of Ager’s

This mornings Wall Street Journal covered an array of new gadgets and the one that piqued my interest is geared for those people coming of age!  It is called the GreatCall Lively Monitor and it is a combination fitness and safety monitor that allows coming of age people and their families to connect!  Why didn’t I come up with this idea!

Design of Gadget

This gadget can be worn various ways; on your wrist or as a necklace! It allows for fitness recording much like the Up Bands or Fitbit  AND is coupled with an emergency service. They have created a friend app that creates a compilation of daily workouts, aspirations and rewards!

They have integrated an emergency button to the device called the 5Star which also has the capability to RESPOND TO SOMEONE FALLING!  Yikes.  This is incredible for those friends and family members who have older parents still living!  The charge of the device lasts up to 6 months which makes it very user friendly for this crowd anticipated to be using it!

Spring For It!

This device will not be available until the Spring!  The cost is expected to be $100 with a $15 monthly fee for emergency assistance.  What do you think of this device??? Perhaps a late Valentine’s Day gift or just a non-occasion gift for a friend or loved one???  Let me know!!






“The Lucky Years”

CBS This Morning – January 5, 2016

Dr. Angus, one of my favorites on the show has recently published a book entitled, “The Lucky Years”.  Today he was interviewed on the show about his new book and he had some interesting things to say about how new technology has been able to help fight cancer, lengthen the years of fertility for women and help reverse the aging process!

A Revolution or Revelation?

Dr. Agus(black sweaters are his trademark TV symbol!) talks about a “revolution in medicine” that will level the playing ground in various medical areas.  My ears perked up when he began speaking of how we can reverse the aging process.  He mentioned a study done Ina lab in the 1950’s  that showed scientists surgically linking two organisms using the proteins of rats under the age of 25.  At that time, the findings were dismissed as not doable or unbelievable. Currently they can inject Rhee proteins into older people and it improves their skin and hair.  They are also being used for kidney transplants.

Reversing The Aging Process

Dr. Agus talks about the Chinese through various high level U.S medical schools have been able to change the DNA of an embryo.  They apparently are able to take 1 letter of your DNA and help protect you from cancer and heart disease.  He refers to this as “personalized Medicine” and claims the key to it is “PERSONAL DESIRE”.

The Value of Quiet Time

The segment with Dr Agus ended with him commenting on how heart disease is now being correlated to being around extremely noisy places on a constant basis.  SO == my wearing ear plugs to work out sessions that are too loud or covering my ears when walking the streets of  Chicago that bear VERY LOUD  ambulances, fire trucks and police cars is a good idea — or wearing those earplugs for ‘growing older with gusto.”


All comments and thoughts are always welcome.  Happy, healthy & safe 2016 to all my followers!