“The Lucky Years”

CBS This Morning – January 5, 2016

Dr. Angus, one of my favorites on the show has recently published a book entitled, “The Lucky Years”.  Today he was interviewed on the show about his new book and he had some interesting things to say about how new technology has been able to help fight cancer, lengthen the years of fertility for women and help reverse the aging process!

A Revolution or Revelation?

Dr. Agus(black sweaters are his trademark TV symbol!) talks about a “revolution in medicine” that will level the playing ground in various medical areas.  My ears perked up when he began speaking of how we can reverse the aging process.  He mentioned a study done Ina lab in the 1950’s  that showed scientists surgically linking two organisms using the proteins of rats under the age of 25.  At that time, the findings were dismissed as not doable or unbelievable. Currently they can inject Rhee proteins into older people and it improves their skin and hair.  They are also being used for kidney transplants.

Reversing The Aging Process

Dr. Agus talks about the Chinese through various high level U.S medical schools have been able to change the DNA of an embryo.  They apparently are able to take 1 letter of your DNA and help protect you from cancer and heart disease.  He refers to this as “personalized Medicine” and claims the key to it is “PERSONAL DESIRE”.

The Value of Quiet Time

The segment with Dr Agus ended with him commenting on how heart disease is now being correlated to being around extremely noisy places on a constant basis.  SO == my wearing ear plugs to work out sessions that are too loud or covering my ears when walking the streets of  Chicago that bear VERY LOUD  ambulances, fire trucks and police cars is a good idea — or wearing those earplugs for ‘growing older with gusto.”


All comments and thoughts are always welcome.  Happy, healthy & safe 2016 to all my followers!







One thought on ““The Lucky Years”

  1. I would be afraid to wear ear plugs on Chicago streets though. It’s like driving with loud music on, you can miss a fire truck siren or something.


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