New Year – New Gadgets

For Fitness and Safety Monitor for Coming of Ager’s

This mornings Wall Street Journal covered an array of new gadgets and the one that piqued my interest is geared for those people coming of age!  It is called the GreatCall Lively Monitor and it is a combination fitness and safety monitor that allows coming of age people and their families to connect!  Why didn’t I come up with this idea!

Design of Gadget

This gadget can be worn various ways; on your wrist or as a necklace! It allows for fitness recording much like the Up Bands or Fitbit  AND is coupled with an emergency service. They have created a friend app that creates a compilation of daily workouts, aspirations and rewards!

They have integrated an emergency button to the device called the 5Star which also has the capability to RESPOND TO SOMEONE FALLING!  Yikes.  This is incredible for those friends and family members who have older parents still living!  The charge of the device lasts up to 6 months which makes it very user friendly for this crowd anticipated to be using it!

Spring For It!

This device will not be available until the Spring!  The cost is expected to be $100 with a $15 monthly fee for emergency assistance.  What do you think of this device??? Perhaps a late Valentine’s Day gift or just a non-occasion gift for a friend or loved one???  Let me know!!







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