90 Year Old Man Keeps Global Connections and Widens His World


2016-01-27 16.47.25.jpg                        Washington Post Writrs  Up Interesting Story

Linda Davidson writes up the story of an 90 year old man with techno dexterity!  It was reprinted in today’s digital Chicago Tribune,  and I found it a fascinating article.

This 90 year old man has a grandson who introduced him to a website that he has now incorporated into his daily routine . He has connected himself to a website that caters to 20 somethings ( previously  unknown to me but sounded familiar).  It is called Reddit.com and serves to link generations!

Now, this 90 year old looks forward to answering questions posed to him daily from a generation that is curious about life in the olden days!

Some of the questions he is asked are reportedly quite personal, but he does not seem to mind, and enjoys the rapport he has created with the younger generation. However, to maintain his connections he does use an older method of communication; an dictating and transcription machine! I read an article recently that emphasized how important it is as we age to not only have social connections, but also establish friendship and/or connections with younger people.  I think I’ll check out this website, too!




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