4 Ideas On Tilting Our Perceptions On Growing Older



                 Wall Street Journal – ENCORE 

We often hear of people starting an encore career or doing something new after years in a particular career or industry.  The Wall Street Journal will occasionally print(yes, I still read the print version!) an section they refer to as their Encore Section.

4 Different Aspects of Lifestyle

  •  Many people feel that they will not feel as good as they age and I often hear older people calling their older years the “rusty years”.  The WSJ Encore writer, Anne Tergesen, claims that this is an outdated idea that has permeated society, but in actuality is not true.  She cites four different areas in which those aged 65+ are doing better than those in the younger demographic profiles!  The areas are:
  • Social
  • Financial
  • Community
  • Physical

The social area refers to the support network we engage with as we grow older.  53% of people in the older age range report feeling they are loved and are surrounded by loving people.  Those in the age ages from 18-64 report a percentage in the 30 range in this category.

Financial relates to the feeling of being secure and not stressed out about your finances.  Again, 62% of those aged 65+ maintain they are confident about their financial resources.

Community is all about the feeling of being safe and living in an area for which you feel proud.  53% of older people report satisfaction in this area.

Physical means one is in good health and has the ability to get through the day with energy to sustain them.  40% of older people feel their physicality is a-o-k compared to those younger who range from 28% to 36% in their overall health.

The Key To Change

This article claims that the initial way to combat weariness that may set in as one grows older is to gain a better understanding of how “negative stereotypes” can pervade our thinking and how we can think differently.  Scientists claim they cannot pinpoint exactly how thinking negatively about aging can affect ones health — but it does has  an impact.

Please read my blog next week for more information on this subject. Focus on changing one negative stereotype this week and see what happens.  2016-01-27 16.47.25











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