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It’s nothing new that people are adverse about thinking about growing older.  I recall pitching a book concept years ago in NYC during a Writer’s Conference about thinking positively about aging.  The idea was met with resistance  by a few agents that didn’t want to hear ANYTHING about growing older!

Lately, its a hot topic and the article I referenced in last weeks blog speaks to the idea that it has been proven that people can change the way they think about aging.  This change of thinking can result in health benefits, and overall feelings of wellness.


                                               Getting Rid of The Trash!

First, you have to learn what thoughts you have previously associated with getting older that are negative.  Its not easy since we are bombarded daily with messages on TV, magazines and other forms of advertising that display people having erectile dysfunction, memory problems or are slipping and sliding down the age pole!  Professor Levy, an associate professor of epidemiology and psychology at the Yale School of Public Health, has led studies on aging and reports some recent findings.  She and her team looked at 84 groups on Facebook  that used terms typically associated with growing older.  Amazingly, all but 1 group, used negative comments the majority of the time.  For example, she explains that 27% of the groups made older people childish, and 37% were strongly in favor of “banning older adults” from using public spaces or enjoying public activities like shopping!

So, what do we do to get our brains to think differently?  It’s kind of like losing weight and keeping it off. You learn to substitute healthier foods for unhealthy ones and try doing new activities that boost your metabolism.  The aging positively process takes an equally hard amount of work in surmounting all the negativity.  Researchers have discovered that by substituting positive facts about growing older you allow yourself to rid yourself of prior negative images and stereotypes.  Our brains are so powerful and there are studies and methods of gathering your power and turning the direction of your thoughts.


The article also refers to the importance of having balance in your thoughts and this can happen byhaving a clearer understanding of what happens as we grow older physically, and psychologically.  Apparently, there is evidence that people over the age of 40 claim they think and feel 20 years younger!!  The experts think this is a good feeling BUT it shouldn’t be a distraction from paying attention to changes that may come along as we grow older. Other research points out that another IMPORTANT method for tilting our thoughts upwards as we age is EXERCISE.  An study with 247 women aged 70-93 showed that those who exercised for six months felt, looked and functioned much better than those who took a computer program or remained with their normal routine!


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