Amazing Brazilian Law for Seniors


                                                      Amazing Brazilian Law

Okay. I admit that this picture is not taken in Brazil. However, it was taken in China where they do revere older people!  So, that is my justification for its inclusion. Today in the Wall Street Journal  I happened upon an article that was fascinating.  It was a story about a Brazilian law that actually caters to the older population.  They describe the behavior of a man aged 72, who was tired of waiting in line at an ATM machine, and decided to walk to the front of the line. Can you imagine the reaction he would have received in NYC or other US cities?  He explained that this kind of behavior is his prerogative according to the laws in Brazil and he does this often everywhere he goes; libraries, super markets, banks, and pharmacies.  He claims that if ” I hear a complaint I say I have priority.”

A $750 Fine!!!!!

The Brazilian law ensures that all private businesses and government facilities give people over the age of 60 special attention, and for those that are noncompliant are care fined $750 for each time they don’t honor the older people! Compliance takes form in lines or queues that are dedicated to those over 60 years of age and those who are pregnant.  One city has already amassed $19,500 in fines since 20141

                                                             What a Perk!

This special way of treating the older citizen is seen throughout Latin America.  Reportedly, long lines are a way of life in this part of the world and in Sao Paulo seniors get the advantage of procuring their tickets for Carnival Parades ahead of others.

              ,                                             Potential Downside???

There is always a flip side opinion of anything that excludes or differentiates perks for certain age groups.  Some of the older people tend to take advantage of the law and cut in line to mail packages or organize their voter registration. Overall, people have no problem with letting a sickly or inform person get to the front of the line, but many people look and act as if they aren’t really so old!  One man colorfully commented, ” I favor priority treatment for those that are sickly,  but when I see a man with dyed hair and a pocketful of Viagra — its a little too much!”


                    “A Law Of Common Sense” Or Lets Agree to Respect Our Elders

This is the belief of Mayor Roberto Bezerra of Fortaleza.  Faster banking for oldsters became the federal law in 2003.  Sometimes the lines for seniors were longer than the normal lines, but it was agreed that priority lines was a method for allowing speedy service without the expense of added infrastructure for businesses.  Sometimes the system has backups that cause complaints, but overall most citizens seem to think that it is a good law and one that will come in handy for them someday.  Some Millennials who are projecting how they want to be treated in the future say, ” When you’re older you will want to have this.”

What do you think about this law?




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