Will You Live to 100????

Question Your Assumption

53,364 people in the United States are 100+ as of 2010 according to Glen Ruffenach’s article in the Encore section of today’s Wall Street Journal.  Do you think you will fall into that category?  Well, that depends on so many variables.  According to Ruffenbach, the number of 90+ people in the United States will quadruple during the next four decades.  What does this mean for our retirement plans?   History shows that people tend to underestimate how long they will actually live.  I have friends who have confided in me that their parents never expected to live into their nineties, and were not adequately prepared for the costs that arise in the later stage of life.  What’s exciting and kind of fun are the tools that are available today to help you estimate how long you will live.  There is even one that will tell you how many years of Quality Life you have left!  Not sure I want to know that one!  I am on the Board of an organization called Skyline Village Chicago that has a mission to help people live longer lives in their homes by providing assistance when needed, 2012-04-28 10.38.22and many opportunities for social engagement.  We were given information about another website and tool that I will include in my list below as a resource for you.


  • plan yourlifespan.org(created at Northwestern University to help you plan for health events that happen with age)
  • livingto100.com
  • HowLongWillI Live?(myabaris.com)
  • BlueZones.com(forecasts healthy life expectancy. Click on tools)


I did take advantage of all these resources.  Two of my results came up with the same number. One was much higher!  I think I’ll stick with the higher one!  What is your life expectancy?  Do you want to know?  It’s a whole other conversation, but it’s a good way to incentivize yourself to think about your future!





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