Growing Older With Gusto


The Washington quarterly magazine recently came out and included an article on tips for aging that was collected across various disciplines at the University.  These ranged from the medical school, psychology department of Arts & Sciences, and the Brown School of Social Work.

Ways Of Aging More Successfully

  1. Plan Your Life:  Carolyn Baum, professor in the School of Occupational Therapy makes a great suggestion that people need to consider creating a “driving retirement program”.  What does this mean?  It means thinking about living in an area where you have options for transportation other than driving.  People need to reflect on what is important to them and how they can continue their lifestyle.

2.  Improve Your Memory:

Dr. Balota, professor of psychological and brain sciences in the school of Arts &     Sciences,  points out that there are different mnemonic techniques that can help us with…

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