A 70 Year Old Study On Happiness Shows What Makes For A Life Well Lived

                                        A Ted Talk — Not To Be Missed

We were out to dinner this past weekend when a friend brought up a question based on a TED Talk she had recently heard.  Her question she posed to us was — What makes for overall life happiness?  The answer was not totally unexpected, but it aroused my interest and so I listened to the TED Talk.  I strongly encourage you to take a listen and I will list the name if and a link at the end of this post.

                                        A Bit About The 70 Year Old Study

70 years ago at Harvard University a study was initiated among several hundred participants beginning with people aged 18.  Some were college students at Harvard, but the study encompassed a spectrum of people from all walks of life.

They were asked what they thought(at that time) would make for a happy life.  Their answers typically were becoming rich or becoming famous.  The study continued for 70 years with many participants now in their 90’s.  The change in their answer may surprise some of you.  The current director of this study gave a TED Talk and I think you would enjoy listening to it.  It’s not that long and it will give you lots to think about!

Here is the information for listening to it:

Robert Waldinger: What Makes A Good Life? Lessons from the Largest Study on Happiness

Ted Talk/Ted.com



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