Baby Boomers Need To Think Of A New Name

IMG_1803Baby Boomers And The Evolving Type Of  Healthcare Living Situation

Do you cringe when you hear the term “Nursing Home’?  I know that I do, and it is substantiated by witnessing older members of my family ending up in one.  Some of the finest are not where I or apparently any of my peers would like to end up.

The baby boomers power has resulted in nursing homes realizing they need to restructure and reinvent themselves.  Nursing homes that are trying to appeal to this segment of the market are changing but why not change their name?  Some of the reinvention includes features like big screen TV’s, larger beds, Wi-Fi, and making the dining areas look less institutional.  A new term has cropped up and its being called “transitional care”.  This is where people go to heal when they can’t go directly home.  The endpoint is that this is not a permanent stay but rather a place to feel better and go home. Medical professionals due to insurance constraints are being forced to work more closely with these centers to ensure that they don’t return to the hospital.  It’s safe to assume that someone recovering from knee replacement surgery would not want to be living among older people.

Transitional facilities are trying to bridge hospitality and healthcare by bringing on specialists in these fields to keep on track.  Rooms can have private bathrooms, food is more interesting and there are therapy gyms.

It seems that these transitional facilities can pave the way for baby boomers as we grow older.  How nice it would be if we reach the point where independent living is no longer feasible that we have an option that does not resemble the nursing homes of our grandparents.

Now — we need to come up with a name that is uplifting – not off putting.  Any ideas?




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